Apart from processing a mountain of loans, we spend a lot of time developing software that improves broker productivity and increases their selling velocity (and revenue).

Salestrekker CRM has a bunch of features that do exactly that – save you hours every week and create time for you to sell more and increase your revenue.  Here are few ways for you to increase your sales using Salestrekker CRM automation:

1. Automate lead collection from your website

Using Salestrekker own web form or one you created using any form-making software (such as Wufoo or Formstack), you can collect leads visiting your website or a landing page, enter their data straight into Salestrekker, send them a personalised SMS and email.  Salestrekker notifies you via email and or SMS so you can respond to your clients immediately. The research shows that leads responded to within five minutes from the enquiry have 100 times better conversion rate than those responded to within one hour of the enquiry.

2. Spend less time traveling to your meetings

Typical meeting might take you 2-3 hours in travel time and preparation alone.  Using Salestrekker Video Conferencing, you can have the initial sales meeting online.  Salestrekker Video Conferencing is easy; simply invite your client, they get an email from you, click on a link and join your secure conference room.

Either party can then share their screen to review a document.  Salestrekker user can record the meeting and use this recording to enhance compliance and fraud prevention.  Meeting record and video recording are automatically saved in Salestrekker.

3. Invite your clients to Salestrekker Client Portal

There are a few things that will frustrate any finance professional (and suck your time):

  • Chasing required documents form the client;
  • Completing client information forms/fact find;
  • Spending time providing clients with ongoing updates;
  • Loosing clients due to lack of ongoing support and status updates.

Salestrekker will empower your client base with an access to the Client Portal.  Salestrekker user simply invites the client via single click.  Client gets an email with the portal link and automated SMS with the one time activation code.\r\n\r\nUser can request required documents using a template checklist (from a template built in Salestrekker), share important notes with the client and request client to complete a Client Profile (Fact Find).

Any update share with the client can be automatically emailed or SMS-ed to the client.  As clients upload documents or leave notes in the Client Portal, Salestrekker user gets instant email and/or SMS notifications.

4. Utilise eSignatures

Signing a document can often be rather cumbersome.  Traditionally, broker needs to print a document, sign it, scan it and send it to a client (or two) to complete all these steps again.

eSignatures in Australia and are equal in law to the wet ink signatures since 2001. Salestrekker offers embedded eSignature feature that take care of document signing process.  Simply upload or merge documents in Salestrekker, add signature panels and send to the parties to sign (including yourself). Clients can sign on their computer or a mobile device in seconds from receiving an email with signature request.

Signed documents and the signature trail will be automatically saved in Salestrekker.

5. Get the Workflow Automation cracking

Every finance business has some workflow that underlines its processes.  From getting a lead to getting paid there are a number of steps that can be easily defined. These steps require tasks to be completed, notifications to be sent and documents produced.  Salestrekker has extensive workflow based automation options, such as:

  • Standard task allocation to a team member
  • Email and SMS notifications sent to the client
  • Document merge from uploaded templates AND emailing these directly to the client.

Further to these, Salestrekker is shortly going to be able to send future updates (birthday emails, fixed rate expiry emails, etc).

In addition to these, there are existing and new features on their way to further improve your productivity Partner Portal, Document Merge, Marketing, Reporting and more.

Contact us for a free 30-day trial, or check out Salestrekker website here.  These features of Salestrekker will cost you $32.99/user/month (+GST, when paid annually). Salestrekker Business plan offers 10 free eSignature documents.  After that each 100 document package cost $99.99 + GST.