Scenario testing and policy research services to further improve your productivity. Propose up to four lenders and get our expert staff to analyse their policies, servicing and provide you with options to advise your clients.

Policy check

Assess deal against lender specific policy using the input data provided


Complete lender servicing calculators for lenders/products requested


Complete funding worksheet (based on the data provided) to ensure deal can be completed

Prepare for processing

Once you select the product, parabroker will prepare deal for loan processing

Scenario testing service containing policy check, servicing, valuation and pricing requests for up to four different lenders.

Place an order

Order a scenario test using one page template provided.

Get the recommendation

xSource returns the recommendation within 24-48 hours of order (depending on the complexity and lender response time)

Refine the outputs

You can request to refine the outputs depending on your client needs and lender responses.