“xSource has allowed me to do more loans, more quickly and with better quality. Because they do my data entry, I have more hours to see new clients. Because they work overnight, NCCP documents are drafted and ready for review the next morning. Because they have extensive checklists and do a fresh serviceability estimate, they pick up extra requirements for a better quality application. In short, xSource elevates my business to new levels of efficiency, quality and profitability.”

John Tindall | Choice Home Loans, Sydney

“Using xSource has been of the best business decisions I’ve made. The service is efficient, their attention to detail is terrific and their knowledge of my aggregators software platform is outstanding. More importantly – it enables my team to do what we do best, and that’s serve our clients and not have to spend countless hours on application processing, bank follow up and other time consuming administrative tasks. I would highly recommend the service to any brokerage – large or small.”

Jamie Moore | Pass Go Home Loans, Canberra

“I have been very happy with Xsource and an advocate to fellow mortgage brokers who are looking to bring on support staff. I particularly like the ability to have app forms processed overnight so I can promise clients 24 hours turnaround. This is critically important when working with volume. We’re looking forward to seeing the role out of Salestrekker and using it in our business as we’re constantly searching for automation efficiency and we feel we’ve got the right partner in Xsource.”

Karl Bower | Bower & Co, Melbourne

“I was recommended XSOURCE through a mutual Power Broker and I have to say it has changed my working life completely. XSOURCE are completely professional , they have allowed me so much more free time to concentrate on getting more business through the doors. I cant recommend them enough!”

Meegan Belicka | Pivotal Planning, Gold Coast

“Since starting with xSource my settlements have doubled. Outsourcing my loan processing has freed my time to do the things I love – which is most definitely not data entry and phone calls to banks! I have more time to source leads, more time to spend with clients and more time to work ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ it. The team are excellent – very responsive and they have been adaptable to the way I like to work. I have no idea how I managed before -they are such an important part of my business. The added bonus is that I have an excellent team working with me but never worry about sick staff, don’t have to pick up the workload while staff are on holidays and can totally rely on the fact that they are on the job making sure that things are running smoothly behind the scenes. If you’ve been considering outsourcing to xSource – just do it! Your business will thank you!”

Jessica Peletier | Seed Financial, Perth

“I have been in the finance industry for many years so I have a pretty large client base, and the associated maintenance and renewal details that accompanies them has become very time consuming.  About a year ago I decided that the work load was too much and I needed to outsource some of my clerical work. I decided that as new applications are the most time consuming they would be the place to start. Friends in the industry recommended xSource so I gave them a try. Wow, how much extra time do I have now! Best business decision since becoming a broker. They are accurate, timely and really helpful. Don’t hesitate just sign up. “

Mike Small | Finsure, Sydney

“We have found Xsource to be a huge asset to our business. The ability to confidently allow them to manage our client’s loan process has been easy, which has ultimately freed the sales staff to generate more volume. Our business is larger, more efficient and more profitable thanks to Xsource. They have worked with our needs and continue to provide tips and advice for us to improve our internal process. We believe our ability to scale the business is achievable on much less staff and with greater accuracy and loan conversion. Thanks to the team at Xsource, we look forward to working with them in the long run. “

Shehan Wijayasinghe |Elephant Financial, Melbourne

“XSource is great for my business. Their loan processing team have the expert knowledge to take my applications from start to finish, with little input from me. This allows me to focus on spending time with clients and finding them the best solution. I feel like I have a team of people working for me at any time of the day. They are there when I need them and I no longer have to train staff or pay them for working set hours when I don’t need them. I highly recommend this service”

Belinda Lundberg | Next Level Finance, Melbourne

“I have been working in the finance industry for over 10 years, and have a credit and compliance background. I branched out and started my own finance company in early 2014, with the hope of being on the front foot in assisting people in the community with one of their biggest decisions in life, buying a home, and it is by far the best decision I have made in my career. I have been brokering now for over a year, and recently work load crept up on me to the point where at times I was working 24 hours straight several times a week. When all hope seemed lost, a colleague of mine suggested I try xSource. I was hesitant at first, but quickly realised that the phone call I made to Michael was one of the best decisions I had ever made. He was professional, patient and understanding. He understood my situation, and made me feel like he had all the time in the world to support me.\r\nSo to trial out the service, I sent in my first Self-Managed Superannuation fund home loan, as had no idea how to structure it in my software (Podium) and no one in any call centre I called seemed to know the answer. I stumbled, but that didn’t worry anyone, the team kept going, and they got the job done for me, better than I could ever have got it done myself. I received an email hours later with the whole application uploaded on my software. To say I was overjoyed would be an understatement. You guys blew me away, quite literally!\r\nFrom there, as I learnt to work with your team, I have gained so much confidence. Your quality is fantastic, turnaround time is fantastic, service is fantastic, as an organisation and as people you are pioneers in the industry, and my only regret is that I didn’t get to meet you all earlier. Thank you so much team, for making it possible for me to have my sanity back, and to love my job! Please keep up your fantastic work and know that you are making such a huge difference to the lives of the brokers you support. You’re giving us time to have a life outside of work & have more time for our clients. I for one can’t put a dollar figure on that, and can’t speak more highly your professionalism. WELL DONE Dalibor, you have built an organisation that is worthy of envy from your peers in the industry, it is a credit to you and your team. Congratulations!”

Yasmine Shah | EMA Finance, Sydney

“I have been using XSource for two years now and I continue to find them efficient, accurate and very reliable. I treat them now as a true extension of my business and I make appointments with confidence for 24 hours after providing them with the necessary documents. They are proactive enough to chase lenders on my behalf without being prompted and provide me with a summary of where my applications are at at the weeks end. I will never do Loans Processing again”

David Merison | Vault Plus Mortgages, Sydney

“xSource have been the answer to so many questions I had as to how to grow my business. I am so excited to look to the future now knowing I have these guys on my side! I have been extremely satisfied with the super easy process, the level of attention to detail is superb and the best part…. They are working while I am sleeping! So now I can concentrate on writing more business, spend more time on networking and developing my team and growing my business!”

Peita Davies | Choice Homeloans, Blue Mountains

“The highly experienced and reliable team at xSource have allowed my business to flourish by freeing up my time to grow instead of spending endless hours processing. The attention to detail, use of time saving technology and strict adherence to compliance have impressed me the most. The xSource team are very accommodating and responsive and treat my client’s like their own. I consider the staff I deal with daily at xSource to be fundamental and trusted members of my team who play a crucial role in the ongoing success of my business.”

Nerissa Moore | Fortune Finance, Melbourne

“I have recently started using xSource for all of my admin requirements on my current loans and have found the service to be of great assistance. The attention to detail has been of a high standard and the turnaround times are great. There is also strong communication throughout the process which we have found to be fantastic. The best thing I find about using xSource is the time that I save on the administration allows me to chase other work and keep in contact with my referral partners etc. Highly recommended!”

Joshua Guerts | Finance Ferret, Sydney

“Hi Dalibor & team, Thank you so much for the prompt service from xSource team. It has made our admin work process streamlined and assisted us with focussing on other part of our business. We probably should have contacted xSource much earlier.”

Quentin & Michelle Dexter | Just Finance, Sydney

“The service provided by xSource has been exceptional. As a sole practitioner the level of support they have provided has allowed me to focus on generating more business. I’ve found their software, Salestrekker, straightforward to use and allows me to monitor the progress of all my deals. I highly recommend xSource to any mortgage professional”

John Bolton | FINWEB, Melbourne

“We started using Xsource around 18 months ago. We decided to give it a trial but that trial has quickly grown into an integral part of our business. What impresses me the most about Xsource is their technical skill in handling complex loans, their speediness and of course their low cost. Their IT platform (Salestrekker) is exceptional. I have enthusiastically recommended Xsource to friends who are brokers and look forward to many years of collaboration.”

John Ruddick | JRHL, Sydney

“I have been using xSource for almost 18 months now and I cannot thank you enough for the advice, help and support that you and your team have provided to me throughout that time. From our initial discussions through to system implementation and service delivery, I have been extremely impressed at the level of technical expertise, flexibility and responsiveness from xSource. I can honestly say that my business profitability has grown, document turnaround times have dropped and accuracy of data has been exemplary. Further, the core team we work with makes for excellent business continuity while offering flexibility to cope with peak periods and/or unexpected demand. I have already referred other brokers to you who are equally satisfied with your services and even the Auditors from my Licensee have praised our data collection, business systems and record keeping as being the best they’ve seen in the group. In fact, it was another Auditor from our group who recommended your services to me so that speaks volumes about your commitment to Compliance which is of paramount importance to me. Whether you are a single operator or a multi-person team like Lime Financial Services, your scope of works is comprehensive and pricing is affordable at all levels. This praise is testament to the collaborative approach you take, technical expertise you possess and your willingness to adjust processes to meet specific client needs. Further, your specific knowledge of the mortgage and finance industries, coupled with a strong IT culture and highly competent team, have helped to expand the reach of my business. Apart from anything else, the xSource experience has allowed me to concentrate on actually meeting with current and prospective clients, rather than being bogged down with endless administration and paperwork. We regularly survey our clients and I have been delighted at the consistently high praise we receive. xSource is certainly part of this result and we look forward to working with you and your team for many years to come. Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate it.”

Andrew Burgan | Director and Credit Adviser Lime Financial Services Pty Ltd, Melbourne

“Also a note: Love your work. This makes my job super easy! Thanks for your detailed explanation of what you’ve done and questions that I need to sort out.”

Alex Brownbill | Voyage Financial, Fremantle

“I would have no hesitation in recommending XSOURCE to any mortgage broker who is serious about writing more business and surviving in such a competitive industry. I have found Dalibor and his team of professionals to be super-efficient when processing and tracking my loans through to settlement. XSOURCE have given me the support and confidence to thrive as a single broker, I would encourage you to give them a go as I know the worst thing that could happen is you might write more business.”

Paul Irwin | LJ Hooker Hills District, Sydney

“We have been working with Dali and his excellent team at Xsource for a year now and haven’t looked back! We have improved productivity, process and profitability over this time as well as freeing up more time to dedicate to more profitable areas. We would have no hesitation in recommending Xsource to other brokers looking to grow their businesses.”

James Keillor | Oxygen Home Loans, Sydney

“Dear Dalibor, I wanted to write to you, to let you know how pleased we are with the support that you and your team have provided us. Thank you for the smooth operation that working with your professional team has allowed us to make. We appreciate your team’s quick response to our requests. They have always reacted promptly and provided us with the most suitable solution. We appreciate your honesty and knowledge, and highly recommend your company to anyone seeking a professional and efficient lending processing service. Your work has helped us concentrate on what we do best, providing our clients with results, professionally….and given us piece of mind.”

DIana Nocerino | Yellow Brick Road, Southport

“I cannot believe the difference you have made to my world!. Instead of slaving over a computer, I now have a social life!. The response time and quality of your work is just incredible. I have already recommended your services to three of my colleagues. I now have more time to spend actively marketing and maximising business opportunities.”

Keith Bridges | Arabon Financial Services, Brisbane

“Letting someone else process my files was something all brokers struggle with. It’s hard. My processing team have an attention to detail that allows error free submissions to all lenders. This integrated with state of the art project management tools allow my business to thrive on what it’s good at. Sales.”

Alun Vernals | Finance 365, Perth

“Thank you to the xsource team! As a one-man office, I was overwhelmed with paperwork and followups. I had tried three mortgage broking outsourcing companies in the past with limited success. The guys at xsource are the without a doubt the most efficient, professional, flexible and knowledgeable team out there. If you want to grow your business, present a more professional company to your clients or even just enjoy more time off, I recommend you contact xsource immediately.”

Mike Cormack | Element Finance, Fremantle

“Just a note to tell you what a fantastic job Matt and the team at xSource are doing! I find the team organised, proactive and work promptly. xSource is an integral part of my business and allowed me to take my business to the next level. I look forward to continuing to work with you and the team.”

Samantha Camera | SC Finance, Melbourne

“As a Sole operator, mortgage broker and financial planner I am always under time pressures.\r\nI sought out the services of loan processing firms approximately 12mths ago. I had used two other services prior to using xSource, the first two firms had no idea about customer service and everything seemed to be a hassle. In direct contrast I found that nothing is too hard and I have never had an of my requests for service declined since working with the xSource team. The xSource team a deliver the highest level of customer service I have experienced by any business for a long time. The team is highly experienced and competent and are always on the ball, as a result of using their services I have been able to increase my settlement volume by approx. 30%. Financially the service stacks up and allows me to have the use of support staff without having to deal with staffing issues or carrying the cost of full time staff. The service as a whole has changed my business and given me more freedom and, more time to focus on growing the business. I would highly recommend Xsource to any other broker that is serious about growing a business.”

Julian Fadini | Bellevue Capital, Sydney

“Using XSource has allowed me to become more productive and focus on higher value activities in my business. The team provide good support and assistance in application lodgement, lender follow ups and admin support which are invaluable as a broker.”

Nathan Sitas | Loan Market, Melbourne

“Since I have been using Xsource, I have found that I can concentrate on networking and lead generation, rather than back end operations, without the need for support staff.I highly recommend xSource.”

Lawrie Bennet | LoanMarket, Port Macquarie

“I knew I had to do something to take my business to the next level. But, I was a Broker petrified to let go of processing my loans by someone else. Then, I tried xSource and I haven’t looked back. Thank you for your professional, efficient, seamless processing from input through to settlement. I can now do what I do best, look after my clients! Any broker that isn’t using your services is doing themselves a gross injustice.”

Lou Zivkovich | L & S Financial Services Pty Ltd, Sydney

"I cannot recommend Xsource and their team members highly enough.  They have on numerous occasions, taken a lot of pressure and stress off me and enabled me to be out on the road, making more valuable connections rather than putting out fires with Lenders, Clients etc.
The teams are extremely reliable and have never ever let me down.  This week in fact, they pushed through an urgent overnight application due to a late finance deadline and even though this was outside their hours, they still provided me with the same outstanding service I am used to.  If you are looking for an easy reliable service to help you build your business - you can’t possibly move past Xsource for overall peace of mind."

Natalie Carey | Acquire Money, Sunshine Coast

“The attention to detail and knowledge that xSource staff possess is excellent, often picking up my omissions before the loan is submitted. I pay a fraction of the cost that I used to pay my assistant and have everything processed within 24 hours. My approval times have halved and I was able to increase volume of loans settling every month by over 50%. I am now confident that I am always compliant with NCCP regulations. Since using xSource Loan Processing services from early 2012 I have actually been able to get out of the office and concentrate on what I do best – generating new business. I would highly recommend xSource to anybody bogged down in processing applications or for those even just looking to save on their administration costs.”

John Paynter | MediPro Finance, Brisbane