Virtual Assistant

Improve your customer service using xSource broker support staff. Collect data and documents from your leads, provide your clients with expert customer service support during the application process. Ensure your clients get post settlement support whenever they require a switch or a clarification about their existing loan.

Answering Service

Answer incoming calls on brokers VOIP line and provide support for the existing deals or issues. Collect the initial info for new leads.

Client Updates

Provide regular client progress updates from lodgement to settlement. Guide clients through loan document signing and settlement process.


General post-settlement support. Manage client post-settlement milestones, valuation ordering and pricing requests where available.

Valuation ordering

Online valuation ordering where available and requested

Pricing requests

Online pricing requests where available and requested

Online, phone and email broker support managing borrower relationships on behalf of broker.

Loan processing expertise

Virtual assistant with loan processing experience assisting with all deal related matters and working alongside parabroking and processing teams.

Reliable customer service

Customer service office uses a dedicated phone line and email account.

Lead to post-settlement support

Ensure customer satisfaction at all life stages of a deal